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Re: Bistahieversor sealeyi, NM tyrannosaurid

On Fri, Jan 29, 2010 at 12:55 AM, Mike Taylor <mike@indexdata.com> wrote:
> Sorry, but I have to respectfully but forcefully disagree. ÂDiffering
> pronunciation of names is one more source of confusion that we can do
> without -- I well remember sitting in puzzlement through the first two
> thirds of a talk on "Oi-uh-loff-us" before it occured to me that the
> speaker was referring to the dinosaur that I say as "You-hell-oh-pus".

Then you both say it "wrong". :)
(Also, I all-but-guarantee that you actually say /juw'hEl@,p@s/, not
/juw'hEl@U,p@s/ -- but I could be wrong.)

The "correct" prounciation is, for a Greek work, pretty much as it's
spelled: /euhelopus/ (not sure about accent and vowel length). In
"English fauxnetics", I think that might go like "eh-w-hell-oh-poos"
(with the "oh" more like a Minnesotan and less like an Englishman).
I'm not about to start saying that -- are you?

I'm also not about to start pronouncing the "P" in "Pterosauria", the
"C" in "Cnidaria", etc. I'm not going to pronounce the "c" in
"Triceratops" as a "k", or the "B" in "Beipiaosaurus" as a voiceless,
unaspirated plosive. (I'll continue to try pronouncing the "Nq" in
"Nqwebasaurus" as a nasal postalveolar click, but I'll likely get it
T. Michael Keesey
Technical Consultant and Developer, Internet Technologies
Glendale, California