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RE: Bistahieversor sealeyi, NM tyrannosaurid

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> The article states -- "Bistahieversor skulls and skeletons 
> collected from the Bisti/De-na-zin Wilderness and from the 
> lands of the Navajo Nation are currently on display..."
> Is the plural correct, or a typo?
Not a typo.

The type is a juvenile with as-yet-not-fully-prepared postcrania.

Additional material includes a partial skull & skeleton of a juvenile, a
lacrimal, and a partial skull and skeleton of an adult. Long time tyrant
fans have encountered the latter (OMNH 10131) before as a possible
"Aublysodon" specimen (Lehman & Carpenter 1990) or the the "Kirtland Shale
aublysodontine" (Holtz 2001).

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