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RE: Bistahieversor sealeyi, NM tyrannosaurid

Tim Williams wrote-

> Anyway, as for the _Bistahieversor_ paper itself, the authors mention "cf. 
> _Alectrosaurus_". I'm guessing this includes the referred skull and 
> postcranial material described by Perle in 1977, from the Bayn Shireh 
> Formation of Mongolia. The holotype of _Alectrosaurus_ is a partial hindlimb 
> from the Iren Dabasu Formation of China. So the only overlapping material are 
> hindlimb elements - and I know the referral of the Bayn Shireh material to 
> _Alectrosaurus_ is somewhat precarious. Further study might find the Bayn 
> Shireh tyrannosauroid to be a new taxon.

I can't help but notice actual Alectrosaurus is one of the few tyrannosauroids 
lacking in that analysis.  No doubt because like Bistahieversor, one of Carr's 
(2005) thesis chapters redescribes it.  Here's hoping it and his other new 
tyrannosauroid are published soon as well.

Mickey Mortimer
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