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RE: Darwin Movie ---CREATION Box Office Receipts

This film, or movie if you prefer, was in the UK long ago.  It's not often
than happens.  It probably won't get widespread release in the US in case it
causes issues at the cinema's (movie theatres) on account of many more
people in the US being adverse to all things Darwin.

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It will do fantastic when it hits DVD.  The reviews are good.  But good
reviews often don't translate to boffo box office.

I will be surprised if the movie ever comes to my little backwater 'burg's
theater, however.


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For what it's worth ......
The weekend opening box office receipts for this movie
were a staggering $67,000. (I know how that must sound).
I didn't cringe however. The movie was deliberately 
"squashed". It did not open in 7,000 theatres, or 700.
Not even 70. It was limited to just 7 !!! This means at 
$10/ticket, it played to 1,000 movie goers/theatre (roughly).
It sold out.
It's a shrewd business move if before a wide spread release,
the distributors can claim it "sold out" to pre-audiences. I
should know. I was invited to a pre-screening on 17 Jan. Standing
room only. The movie was well received. Time will tell. --dale


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