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Re: Leviathan melvillei -- preoccupied?

<<Yes, so did I. So many names have been 'taken' by arthropods already: _Laelaps_ (mite), _Rahona_ (moth), _Mononychus_ (beetle), _Syntarsus_ (beetle), _Microceratops_ (wasp), and so on. So I thought _Leviathan_ would be preoccupied by some crab or beetle or something. No, turns out it's a mastodon (_Leviathan_ Koch - junior synonym of _Mammut_).>>

Hang on. If the preoccupation is a junior synonym, then isn't that usage rendered irrelevant and, therefore, the name would be available for valid use? McKenna & Bell, 1997 has it as a junior synonym.

(I'd forgotten /Mammut/ was coined by Blumenbach. I sold an 1815 copy of one of his books last week.)