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Re: Leviathan melvillei -- preoccupied?

Hey, folks! I STRONGLY encourage moving this over to VRTPALEO@usc.edu.
Here it's just people on the outside twiddling their thumbs. There you
will get the **authors of the work** (probably) and they might do
something about it.

Tim Williams wrote:
> James Stearns <jstea003@odu.edu> wrote:
>> Sadly, that wouldn't be an option. Junior synonyms retain their status
>> just in case the specimen in question actually does wind up being
>> reinterpreted as a different genus. If that were not so, I could
>> legitimately name a new sauropod "Brontosaurus".
> Exactly.  _Brontosaurus_ is regarded as a junior subjective synonym of
> _Apatosaurus_, but there is a slim chance (OK, an extremely slim chance)
> that it could one day return to usage.
> And the ICZN is even stricter, because even junior *objective* synonyms
> are considered to be valid names.  This is the case when two or more names
> have the same type specimen, and so there is zero chance of them being
> different genera....
> In the case of the name _Leviathan_, it appears that Koch originally named
> the beastie _Levathan_ in 1841, then later changed the name to _Leviathan_
> in a separate publication.  But the ICZN would regard this as an
> "unjustified emendation" - and as such, _Leviathan_ Koch is an objective
> junior synonym of _Levathan_ Koch.  In any case, Koch burned up a
> perfectly good name for a genus that was a junior subjective synonym of
> _Mammut_, the mastodon.
> Cheers
> Tim

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