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Re: Ostrich Wings Explain Mystery of Flightless Dinosaurs

The finding is neat, and I'm all for comparison with extant animals, but I 
wonder how pertinent it would actually be to dinosaurs. The paper seems to talk 
about ostriches using their wings for balance during agile maneuvers, but this 
is for a tailless animal. The theropods that gave rise to birds, all had nice 
long tails to do much of the counterbalance work. I'm just wondering if the 
results Schaller found might more accurately reflect an exaptation by ratites 
to a secondarily flightless existence, rather than a plesiomorphic behaviour. 

Perhaps Scott covered this in his paper. I haven't had a chance to read it, as 
JVP is being finicky about their archives (i.e. supplement to No.3 for vol. 20 
doesn't show up on the site).

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> Gee, now where have I heard that idea
> before?  Oh yeah:
> Hartman, Scott. 2000. Primary and caudal feathers as
> locomotory adaptations in maniraptoran theropods. Journal of
> Vertebrate Paleontology, Vol. 20, Supplement to No. 3. pp.
> 47A.
> Hartman, Scott. 2005. Estimating Ancestral Habitat and
> Selective Pressures Leading to the Origin of Avian
> Flight. Abstract volume of the II Latin American Congress
> of Vertebrate Paleontology.
> Awesome to see corroborating data from extant
> animals.  And it's my fault of course for not having a
> paper in print yet, but there were a couple of extra steps
> that I had to look into along the way.  Soon...
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