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Assistance with anatomical descriptions of dimensions!

Hi everyone,
I'm assisting a Russian researcher in translating a paper into
English, but I'm an undergraduate student and have limited knowledge
of anatomical terms. In Russian the conventions of describing the
location of things seem to be quite different!
Could those of you with a knowledge of anatomy please tell me what the
terminology used to describe the basic dimensions of vertebrae,
transverse processes, ribs, teeth, and ankylosaurian bony plates is?
Is it sufficient to say that a vertebra is x cm long and y cm thick;
or that a tooth crown is z mm high, x mm wide and y mm thick?
With regard to bony plates, is it OK to say that one is z cm thick, y
cm long mediolaterally and x cm long anteroposteriorly?
Thank you very much in advance!

-Jenya Lipatov