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Re: Bird reduce their "heating bills" in cold climates

 Fuzzy integument is still contentious for ornithischians (and
 unlikely IMO).

Doesn't *Tianyulong* show that it can happen?

 Even if it turns out to be true for a few species, it seems more
 likely that it was an independent development rather than an inherent
 character (i.e. not feathers).

Given pterosaurs, saurischians, and *Psittacosaurus*, it might well be a symplesiomorphy. (*Psittacosaurus* shows that "quills" don't need to cover the entire body, so I'm not saying the first ornithodiran was fuzzy all over!)

 As for autotomy, it's not really an issue. [...]


 Another possibility is that Leaellynasaura might have been arboreal,
 and the tail may have been used in a semi-prehensile fashion as seen
 in modern day green iguanas.

The anatomy of the tail and the rest of the body make that very unlikely, AFAIK.