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Re: before Crichton

On Mon, 5 Jul 2010, James Farlow wrote:

Does anybody have the citation for a rather clever little SF story that anticipated Crichton's _Jurassic Park_ in having a dinosaur reconstructed from DNA? The story was called "Paleontology: an Experimental Science", or something like that. It was written as a series of GSA abstracts, and part of the fun was that each successive abstract had one fewer author, due to "lab accidents" with the resurrected dinosaur.

There's a truly delightful story in the August, 1974 issue of Analog science fiction magazine called Paleontology: An Experimental Science by Robert R. Olsen. The author seems to be using a pseudonym but is clearly intimately familiar with geology. The story contains so many elements that occur in the two Jurassic Park films that I really wonder if there's a connection. The story even ends with the reconstructed T-Rex getting loose in San Diego!