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Re: research help

For me, my interest in science may largely have been bio-genetic (genetic 
predestination?), but I also seemed to have steered myself toward science by 
favoring children's science books (e.g., the Little Golden Book series; rock 
hound magazines).  I had a book on ancient life that I looked at around age 5.  
The media (T.V. shows such as Space Cadets, Mr. Wizard, Lost in Space, My 
Favorite Martian; sci-fi movies such as Robinson Crusoe on Mars) also seem to 
have been
favored over other kid's fare.

Looking back on my upbringing, I didn't have a "mentor" that influenced my 
interest in science.  It seems to have been a flame that I had in me from the 


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From: Adam Kane <adamdkane@gmail.com>
To: dinosaur@usc.edu, paleonet@nhm.ac.uk
Subject: research help
Date: Thu, 8 Jul 2010 15:59:12 -0600

Hi everyone,

My name is Adam Kane, I'm currently doing the research component for
my master's thesis in science communication at Dublin City University,
Ireland. I would like to know how you get interested in science and,
if different, how you became interested in your specific field. Be as
specific as you can. Any information would be much appreciated.



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