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Re: Mojoceratops ...

Rescued from truncation:

From: Denver Fowler <df9465@yahoo.co.uk>

 From: Paul P <turtlecroc@yahoo.com>=0A>The holotype of C. kaiseni is
 an alm=ost complete skull,=0Aso claiming that it's nondiagnostic is
 to suggest tha=t an=0Aentire bonebed is needed to diagnose a species.
 That=0Asimply is not= the case.=0A=0AMmmm... not really. For
 Chasmosaurines, at the resolution a=t which we are =0Alooking, small
 changes in parietal ornamentation are crit=ical: we're comparing
 =0Aspecies at about 300Ka resolution, not end members= that are
 millions of years =0Aapart. C. kaiseni lacks most of the parietal=,
 hence it is undiagnostic. =0A=0A=0ADF=0A=0A=0A

I think the reply starts at "Mmmm".