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Re: Yezosaurus citation

Hi Mickey,

The short citation shown for Yezosaurus in Glut's Dinosaurs The Encyclopedia
(1997) is Obata and Muramoto, 1977. (It appears among his list of excluded
genera on p. 1006). The full ref appears on p. 1046 and is furnished as:

Obata, I. and T. Matsumoto, 1977, Correlation of the Lower Cretaceous
formations in Japan: Science Report of the Department of Geology, Kyushu
University, 12 (3), pp. 165-179.

(... and to confirm, it's definitely "Muramoto" on p. 1006 and "Matsumoto"
on p. 1046.)

Chure & McIntosh 1989 gives it as Obata, 1977 (p. 82), and the reference
provided on p.52 is:

Obata, I. 1977. [Home country collection room of the city of Mikasa and
Muramoto's collection.] Nat. Sci. & Mus. 44 (1):40-43.

It's all as clear as mud.


Rob Taylor
The (Severely in Need of an Update) Theropod Archives

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Subject: Yezosaurus citation

Hi everyone. I'm having difficulty tracking down the original citation for
"Yezosaurus miksaensis", a supposed theropod later described as a species
of Taniwhasaurus. It's attributed to Obata and Muramoto, 1977. I hear the
citation is in both Chure and McIntosh (1989) and Glut (1984), if anyone
has those to check. Thanks!

Mickey Mortimer
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