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Re: Reign of the Dinosaurs first look!

There will be lots of episodes/animals, so I expect there will be plenty of variation in colors. Things are obviously early in production, but from what I've seen the anatomy and motion of the dinosaurs will far exceed that of WWD.

As for "over the top" behavior, the show is telling good stories; that's not to say that the actions/behaviors are going to violate the anatomy or be implausible, but from what I've seen those behaviors will go together to make more coherent and entertaining vignettes in the lives of the animals portrayed - really, WWD did this too, i.e. the "drama" of whether or not Coeolophysis would catch and eat the baby synapsids, only to be disappointed when the latter escape during the night - this production just seems to be embracing the story telling part more while being more rigorous with the anatomy and other physical aspects that these shows often gloss over.

There must be an unimaginable amount of work to be done by their team between now and when the episodes air, but if the end results keep on track with what they've done so far it should be a lot of fun for dino-lovers of all stripes.


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Looking at that yellow-eyed blue allosauroid, it does appear (despite the hype) ..... a little 1980ish. Why are they always a solid green, grey or blue??? That aside, if it even matches WWDs,it should be pretty interesting. So long as the fauna is anatomically correct, does not imply over the top behavior and the motion of each taxon is within the parameters of what we wouldexpect for that taxon. My own pet peeve is the absurdly slow motionof sauropods in a walking mode. Does it not seem as if some of thesemovies imply that sauropods could barely move??? dale > Date: Wed, 14 Jul 2010 01:54:04 -0400> From: dinoboygraphics@aol.com> To: dinosaur@usc.edu> Subject: Reign of the Dinosaurs first look!> > Clearly it's no longer a secret: > http://www.slashfilm.com/2010/07/13/first-look-pixars-dinosaur-tv-project-reign-of-the-dinosaurs/> > A new Discovery Channel special being worked on by a certain list > member (and advised by some other DMLers) will be hitting your TVs next > year. If it comes off as planned, it should be entertaining as well as > sporting some of the best dinosaurs ever to grace the small screen. > And if anyone here goes to Comic Con you should check it out!> > -Scott> > > Scott Hartman> Scientific Advisor/Technical Illustrator> (307) 921-9750> www.skeletaldrawing.com _________________________________________________________________Game on: Challenge friends to great games on Messengerhttp://go.microsoft.com/?linkid=9734387