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Dinosaur Park Formation Stratigraphy

Hey, I have some questions about the stratigraphy of the Dinosaur Park 

1.) Are the "sandy zone" and "muddy zone" of Eberth 2005 (in Dinosaur 
Provincial Park: A Spectacular...) distinct, widely recognized stratigraphic 
units? I haven't been able to find reference to them anywhere else, but my 
access to papers is limited.

2.) Is the Lethbridge Coal Zone distinct from, or part of, the so-called "muddy 

3.) Is there a subunit of the DPF even higher than the Lethbridge? I've seen 
charts that shows the Lethbridge not reaching up to the DPF's contact with the 
Bearpaw Formation but never heard of any division being higher than it.

Thanks alot! Also, any papers you could send me that might clarify things would 
be appreciated.

~ Abyssal