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Re: Dinosaur color art books

Hi there,

finally I received my copy of Greg Paul's "Dinosaur Coffee Table Book"
a couple of days ago from blurb and I thought I share some
impressions. I decided for the "deluxe edition" due to its larger size
(30x30 cm).

The book is organized in 3 chapters assigned to the mesozoic ages with
the largest part on creteacous dinosaurs. Most of the works are
reproduced in large and crisp clean format on high quality, black
lustre finish paper. A few of them span over 2 pages.  Very nice
indeed! Some of the featured imagery actually I’ve never seen before,
especially also related to feathered dinosaurs.

Unfortunately the "cutout" frontispieces for each chapter as well as
the dust jacket come out with visible "pixelized" artifacts. Moreover
I  would have loved to see a few additional well known pieces in this
volume which are regrettably missing: the flying Quetzalcoatlus, the
Quetzalcoatlus attacked by a Gorgosaurus or the Velociraptors. Of
course, beside the amount of other outstanding pieces, this is
bearable ;-)

I’ve been always a big fan of Greg Paul's artwork so overall I am very
pleased with the book and very happy that it became available.
Although quite an investment I can highly recommend this book to
anyone loving serious paleo art!

Now also looking forward to the upcoming Dinosaur Field Guide...



2010/6/26 Sam Barnett <sam.horus@gmail.com>:
> Of all my dinosaur related books, the custom published copy of Tracy
> Ford's book I got through this list years ago holds pride of place in
> my collection.  This one will go right alongside it.  Can't wait.
> On Fri, Jun 25, 2010 at 2:53 AM,  <GSP1954@aol.com> wrote:
>> Over the years I have wanted to do a coffee table style book featuring my
>> color art, but the cost versus sales ratio makes this at best difficult if
>> going through the traditional publishing system. The web offers an 
>> alternative
>> method in which the book is produced and mailed only upon demand by a
>> purchaser, so I am trying this experiment. Robert Telleria has produced two 
>> such
>> books via Blurb. The contents are similar in that they include the same
>> works. They differ in that one is large format and includes both the latest 
>> and
>> when pertinent the old version of the art, the other is smaller and lower in
>> cost, and due to limitations of the system does not include the old
>> versions. A number of recent pieces are included. The text, which is 
>> specific to
>> the illustrations, includes some discussion of the science and thinking 
>> behind
>> each color.
>> Deluxe Edition
>> www.blurb.com/bookstore/detail/1429219
>> Standard Edition
>> www.blurb.com/bookstore/detail/1429123
>> GSPaul</HTML>