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Bison and Pleistocene depiction artwork & Makoshika State Park paleo references

Greetings to all,

Sorry about the cross posting.

I am working on two small Bison displays with modern B.bison and
B.antiquus here at Makoshika State Park (MT FWP) in Glendive, MT.  It
is almost completed except for that we have not been able to find a
suitable background graphics for the case (apx 24in x 24in).  My
budget for this project is quite slim, if there were any artists out
there that would allow us to use their image for a one time
educational non profit licensing use, that would be great.

Also,  I am looking to increase the Makoshika State Park reference
materials, or at least those that have included Makoshika State Park
as a reference or acknowledgment for geological or paleontological
work.  If anyone happens to have any published or non published
information we would be grateful to have additional materials included
into our knowledge base here at Makoshika. We know of a few
publications that have included field work at Makoshika but we do not
happen to have those reference papers.  Any help would be greatly

Please reply back to me off list at kwicks78@gmail.com or makoshika@mt.gov

thank you for your time,

Makoshika State Park