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Two things: Virtualization of SUE and Big Wall Decals

I apologize for the cross posting.

I would like to let people know that there is a new article out in the July
[2010, 33(7)] Computer Graphics World on the work Linda Deck, Art Andersen
and I are doing with Pete Makovicky and Bill Simpson and the Field Museum on
the virtualization of SUE(TM). The one bug in the article is that the side
box [Studying SUE] written by Pete has somehow been attributed to Art. This
is an on-going project and it has been a lot of fun and is turning out
great. In my part I have relied heavily on input from Bill and Pete and used
Chris Brochu's excellent monograph extensively. The project has really
hammered into me the need for 3D catalogs of bones to supplement
photographic documentation as the latter really lose much of the 3D detail.
Anyway here is the URL for the online version.


And now for something completely different...

Ever since I saw the first ad for the big wall decals I knew that doing them
with dinosaurs and other prehistoric beasts was a natural. I have not been
thrilled so far with the ones I have seen (although I have not researched
much) but recently I see that multiple Lanzendorf award winners Bob Walters
and Tess Kissinger have come out with some I like and I thought I would
suggest those in need of something of this sort check them out. I especially
like the ones with the dinosaurs in environmental contexts - a Cretaceous
scene, for example.  Here's the URL


Anyway, I'm looking forward to Pittsburg and the auction.


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