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Re: How to cite information in Wikipedia? (for a High School study guide)

On 29 July 2010 21:25, Thomas R. Holtz, Jr. <tholtz@umd.edu> wrote:
> Agreed: no wiki citations. If the wiki article cites some other primary
> source (which most good pages do), go to that source, verify it, and cite
> that. If not, it is basically hearsay.

... and let me just add that the same is true of ALL encyclopaedias.
They are there to summarise and point to the primary literature, and
that is what you should cite every time.  That goes for Britannica as
well as Wikipedia.

(And a pet peeve: "wiki" is the name of a technology, like "email" or
"blog".  "Wikipedia" (capital W) is a specific wiki -- the one that
aims to be an encyclopedia of everything.)

-- Mike.

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>> When I see a Wikipedia citation in a paper...I cross it out
>> and deduct points for the paper.  They are clearly told ahead
>> of time...NO Wikipedia.
>> Now I know there is much good to be found there, but it takes
>> a LOT of work to locate the good stuff amid the garbage.  I
>> go there, regularly, to find hints that lead me to solid data.
>> Just an opinion...NO Wiki citations :)
>>         Clair
>> > Dear all,
>> > Sorry bothering the Lists, but I would like to know how to cite
>> > information I only saw in Wikipedia in a more or less formal way.
>> > Thank you very much in advance to those who respond.
>> > Augusto Haro.
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