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Re: How to cite information in Wikipedia? (for a High School study guide)

<<Agreed: no wiki citations. If the wiki article cites some other primary source (which most good pages do), go to that source, verify it, and cite that. If not, it is basically hearsay.>>

However, if that's the best source you have available, and it perhaps calls into question the possibility of some other source or other, then cite it.

I'm presently thinking of a small detail of nomenclature for a Lower Jurassic mammal (or mammaliform). I had an English translation for that name from a UK paleontologist of renown, but I shan't mention who. It was in one of his books. That was my first source and, somehow, I wasn't convinced. I checked Wikipedia and found a different translation. Somewhat later, the original 1950s paper arrived per post. Wiki was correct and the paleontologist was wrong. In this case, I feel obliged to cite Wiki on my webpage.