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Article: "The second Jurassic dinosaur rush and the dawn of dinomania"

Online first from the journal Endeavour (history of science):

"The second Jurassic dinosaur rush and the dawn of dinomania" by Paul
D. Brinkman

Abstract: During the second Jurassic dinosaur rush museum
paleontologists raced to display the world's first mounted sauropod
dinosaur. The American Museum of Natural History triumphed in 1905
when its Brontosaurus debuted before an admiring crowd of wealthy New
Yorkers. The Carnegie Museum of Natural History in Pittsburgh, the
Field Columbian Museum in Chicago and other institutions were quick to
follow with their own sauropod displays. Thereafter, dinomania spread
far and wide, and big, showpiece dinosaurs became a museum staple.
This brief but intensely competitive period of acquisitiveness
fostered important Jurassic dinosaur revisions and crucial innovations
in paleontological field and lab techniques.



I have a PDF if anyone is interested...


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