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Euhelopus paper(s) request/Sauropod neck posture papers/GSP's other new book

Dear Listers,

In view of the recent paper on the neck posture of  _Euhelopus_ (which happily, 
is open access), I was hoping that someone may be able to supply me with PDFs  
of the following references therein (which, unfortunately, appear not to be 
open access):

Wilson, Jeffrey A.; and Upchurch, Paul 
(2009). "Redescription and reassessment of the phylogenetic affinities 
of Euhelopus zdanskyi (Dinosauria:Sauropoda) from the Early 
Cretaceous of China". Journal of Systematic Palaeontology 7 (2): 199â239. 

Wiman, C. 1929. Die Kreide-Dinosaurier aus Shantung. Palaeontologia Sinica, 
Series C 6(1):1-67.

I realize that the Polyglot Paleontologist website has the latter Wiman paper, 
but it is only contains part of the paper and lacks some (but not all) of the 
images, so I was hoping to find a more complete copy (and, if possible, also a 
more complete translation). Thanks in advance for the help.

Also, if anyone has copies of these sauropod neck posture papers that they 
would like to send to me, I would be most appreciative:

Christian A.,Dzemski G.2007 Reconstruction of the cervical skeleton posture of 
Brachiosaurus brancai Janensch, 1914 by an analysis of the intervertebral 
stress along the neck and a comparison with the results of different 
approaches. Fossil Rec. 10, 37â48.

Dzemski G.,Christian A.2007 Flexibility along the neck of the ostrich (Struthio 
camelus) and 
consequences for the reconstruction of dinosaurs with extreme neck length. J. 
Morphol. 268, 701â714.

And in other news, apparently Greg Paul has another new coffee table book full 
of his color illustrations in the works, which is very exciting (to me, at