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RE: Methane production

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> Good points.
> Furthermore, why didn't the near extermination of the North 
> American Bison also produce a mini-cooling event?  There were 
> tens of millions of bison roaming the Great Plains, and 
> within 50 years their numbers were reduced to a few hundred 
> animals in Yellowstone Park.
> The number of cattle that "replaced" them was only a 
> miniscule percentage of the original number of bison.
> Ironically, according to climatologists, the Earth was coming 
> *out* of the Mini-Ice Age around the time that we were 
> beginning to "cleanse" the bison from the prairies.
Not that I buy the megafaunal methane hypothesis (at least as currently
formulated), one observes that the decline of methane production by Bison
bison would have occurred during a time that the greenhouse gas production
of a certain primate's technologies were beginning to greatly increase, and
this could have offset it.

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