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Re: New publication: Notes on Early Mesozoic Theropods by Robert Gay

From Gay 2010:
"My decision to publish in this venue has also been influenced by the thoughts of Andy Farke and others involved in "open source" paleontology. When one submits a paper to a journal, the author gives up their claim to copyright on the material while the journal publisher makes money on publication and distribution. While profit is not my motive, the distribution of knowledge is, I do however wish to retain my copyright on my work."

On 6/6/10 00:38, Tim Williams wrote:
My previous post was chewed up by the [SNIP] demon... here is the complete 

"However, returning to Kayentavenator, if somebody attaches a different name to the same type specimen, 
and Rob Gay asserts his name to be valid, then it will be an issue for the ICZN to decide.  Until then, it 
will be up to paleontologists to decide for themselves whether or not to acknowledge Kayentavenator as a 
valid genus.  As Dan puts it: "If Lulu Press is a valid outlet for nomenclatorial acts, then our lives 
have become immensely simpler."  I agree with Dan that it's perplexing that the description was not 
simply re-submitted to a scientific journal, which would make Kayentavenator iron-clad from a nomenclatural 
perspective.  This "self-publication" route is a can of worms.  In a perfect world, the ICZN would 
shut down this loop-hole entirely."