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Re: New publication: Notes on Early Mesozoic Theropods by Robert Gay

>>8.6. Works produced after 1999 by a method that does not employ printing on 
>>paper. For a work produced after 1999 by a method other than printing on 
>>paper to be accepted as published within the meaning of the Code, it must 
>>contain a statement that copies (in the form in which it is published) have 
>>been deposited in at least 5 major publicly accessible libraries which are 
>>identified by name in the work itself.

>Not meeting one of the requirements is not "a very minor technicality". Were 
>the 5 hard copies deposited or not? If they were, what those institutions? 

     That's a moot point -- 8.6 only applies to electronic-only publication; 
Rob's booklet is published in hard-copy, old-fashioned paper format (Lulu.com 
notes that its binding is "Perfect-bound Paperback").  Therefore, it does not 
need to declare what libraries into which it has been reposited...though I 
certainly hope that it _has_ been thus reposited!  So far, though, there's no 
record anywhere on OCLC Worldcat, though that may well reflect a lag time 
between a library receiving the volume and when they get around to cataloging 
it...  Still, the cost is pretty low -- if you're going to order one, might as 
well order two and donate one to your local library!

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