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Re: New publication: Notes on Early Mesozoic Theropods by Robert Gay

I wrote:

> Also it is manifestly unfair that a self-published work should trump a
> peer-reviewed paper in a scientific journal.  For example, if two 
> people want to erect a new genus for the same species (like 
> _"Dilophosaurus" sinensis_), and Person A chooses to self-publish 
> whereas Person B submits the description to a scientific journal, then
>  Person A will likely get his/her genus published first.  Peer review 
> takes time (usually far too much time...), whereas self-publication is 
> entirely at the convenience of the author.  Person A should not be 
> penalized because he/she chose a more scientifically rigorous route for 
> publication.

Sorry, meant Person B.