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Re: New publication: Notes on Early Mesozoic Theropods by Robert Gay

Except that most of these institutions are *NOT* "major publicly
accessible libraries"!!!  (The AMNH of course, does have an excellent
research library: http://library.amnh.org/index.php ).

I think that none of the other four actually qualify. The UCMP is a
research collection and a federal fossil repository, and while it does
retain some printed materials related to its fossils, these are not
lent to the public, or even to the university community. In fact, even
though I am a UCMP affiliate, I cannot remove these materials from the
museum. So I hardly think the UCMP would qualify as a "major publicly
accessible library". There are many fantastic, publicly accessible
libraries on the UC Berkeley campus, but the UCMP simply is not one of
them. I am currently doing field work at Ghost Ranch, and can assure
anyone who has not visited this amazing site that the Ruth Hall Museum
of Paleontology is also not a public library. There is a small library
at Ghost Ranch, but it is not directly associated with the museum and
anyway, it would hardly qualify as a major publicly accessible
library. I can attest that Rob's book is here at Ghost Ranch, but my
impression is that it will be treated as part of the curator's reprint
collection and will not been accessioned into the [small private]
library. I cannot say for sure, but my impressions from having visited
the NMMNHS last fall is that its book/reprint collections are the
property of the curators and not part of a major lending institution.
I have not visited the MNA but I suspect this is also the case.

So I would say that even though your intentions were good, you still
only reposited a copy in one actual library.


On Sun, Jun 6, 2010 at 12:12 AM, Rob Gay <rob@dinodomain.com> wrote:
> It was my oversight that I did not list the repositories as "5 major
> publicly accessible libraries" but the institutions named in both the
> _Kayentavenator_ paper and the _Coelophysis_ paper have been sent copies of
> the volume - UCMP, MNA, NMMNH, Ruth Hall Museum of Paleontology at Ghost
> Ranch, and AMNH. ICZN 8.6 does not state that the institutions have to be
> explicitly stated as major repositories. It just says that the works have to
> be deposited in major libraries, and that the institutions are identified by
> name. I probably could have worded that better in the introduction and
> explicitly stated "these are the permanent repositories that have copies
> deposited at their locations: X, Y, and Z." I didn't - but I did state that
> the works were on record at the "relevant institutions" and in the papers I
> name the relevant institutions by their full names. Furthermore, it appears
> to me that 8.6 only applies if this was solely a digital document.

Sarah Werning
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