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RE: Pickering's nomina nuda (was RE: Rob Gay's print-on-demand publication of Kayentavenator elysiae

Michael Erickson <tehdinomahn@live.com> wrote:

> > maybe "A. lydekkeri huenensis" ?
> Wouldn't that imply a subspecies?

If it was indeed "Altispinax lydekkeri huenensis", yes.  But in this case the 
original species name was intentionally hyphenated ("Altispinax 
lydekkeri-huenensis").  Further, at a later date Pickering realized his own 
error, and subsequently emended the name to "Altispinax lydekkerhueneneorum".  
But because all these names were/are nomina nuda, it's just re-arranging 
deckchairs on the Titanic.  None of these are actually real genera and/or 
species names.

Pickering also changed "Elaphrosaurus philtippetensis" to "Elaphrosaurus 
philtippetorum".  (Ironically, if the former was a valid name, this change 
would not be permitted under the Code.)  So instead of Elaphrosaurus emanating 
from Phil Tippet, the species was named in honor of more than one individual, 
all named Phil Tippet.  There are some people (e.g., Pickering) who should not 
be allowed within a bull's roar of biological nomenclature.