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Re: New publication: Notes on Early Mesozoic Theropods by Robert Gay

This is just pure anarchistic nonsense. Taxonomy and systematics will become useless instead of a central part of biological, paleontological, and evolutionary studies. It will become more disgraced than when it was referred to "stamp collecting" by either Watson or Crick, for it will have become nothing more than private stamp printing.


Augusto Haro wrote:
2010/6/8 Jaime Headden <qi_leong@hotmail.com>:
  Times are changing: Not only will we see this happen more often, I should 
say, but I am surprised we are still worried about durable copies when 
electronic systems are still far more viable for discourse than costly, and 
potentially damaging, physical copies, especially on an environmental level.

Yes, why we individuals would pay to receive paper numbers of a
journal where only a few works are of our interest?. With pdfs, you
can just print those you are going to read, and not waste paper in
works you are not going to read. I think there will be some problems
for journals now that pdfs tend to debunk printed papers as a
principal way to transmit information. Now that we can make and
distribute pdfs by ourselves, works not sent to journals would be as
common and easy to produce as those sent to journals. They will be
even easier to acquire, as you do not have to pay for a pdf uploaded
to, say, a blog, because each person would want their work to be read
by the most people possible. One can send it to some of his/her
scientist friends to correct it before making it public by oneself,
ask them for signatures that they have reviewed the paper, and now
have a peer-reviewed work not sent to a journal.