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The er... Non-Theropod Database Blog

This is just a heads up for those of you who are interested in taxa which used 
to be considered dinosaurs, but aren't anymore.  Sure we've all seen their 
names posted in Olshevsky's lists, and thus plastered everywhere across the 
web.  But who among us can say they've seen illustrations of Prisavolucris, 
Rachitrema, Ankistrodon and other such things?  Moreover, where can you find 
information on these besides the fact they aren't dinosaurs, their country and 
gelogic period, and a (more often than not incorrect) original citation?  
Eventually The Theropod Database, but until I load that section, I'll be 
posting them on my blog.  So far there are four posts this month- 
Priscavolucris (supposed bird that's a shark), Bathygnathus (supposed carnosaur 
that's a synapsid) and Arctosaurus (supposed theropod that's a poposaurid), 
with Actiosaurus coming next.  There's also perhaps the only modern discussion 
of the real "Coelurosaurus" and "Carnosaurus".  Stay tuned.
Mickey Mortimer
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