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Re: Pickering's nomina nuda (was RE: Rob Gay's print-on-demand publication of Kayentavenator elysiae

> Michael Mortimer wrote:
>> Tim Williams wrote-

>> Maybe instead we have to start deciding whether we really value a name
>> or not.  Why is it possible for someone to potentially make a valid
>> ganus name for "Dilophosaurus" sinensis?  Because the experts who did
>> the hard work to determine it's distinct haven't published one yet.
>> That's the advantage the real experts will always have- the ability to
>> determine what deserves a new name and what doesn't.  If we really care
>> about a name, we can publish it at the same time we announce a taxon is
>> distinct.  In the case of "D." sinensis, it's been over a decade since
>> Lamanna et al. announced it wasn't Dilophosaurus.  How much time do they
>> get to have dibs on naming rights?  Is there even a paper in
>> preparation?

Actually, yes. Although not by Lamanna et al. And the resolution of this
one is going to be a bit of a surprise.

Here's the news, though. Science is a process. It takes time. Longer time
than fanboys (and professionals) would like sometimes, but time

Get the frak over it.


(Not directed directly at the authors on this thread, but at some of the
attitudes spread around more generally.)

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