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RE: Pickering's nomina nuda (was RE: Rob Gay's print-on-demand publication of Kayentavenator elysiae

I am sure at some point someone (I am pretty sure it was even Dr. Holtz, but
not positive) wrote a description of the process to publish, from the find
in the ground to paper in a journal.  I thought it was fascinating to see
all that has to go into the process.  I have searched the archives and have
been completely unsuccessful at finding it.  It was perfect to show that
there is a great reason that good science is slow.  It is worth repeating.
If someone out there can point it out to me, I would appreciate it.  I am
sure that others would like to see it/need to see it too.

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Here's the news, though. Science is a process. It takes time. Longer time
than fanboys (and professionals) would like sometimes, but time

Get the frak over it.


(Not directed directly at the authors on this thread, but at some of the
attitudes spread around more generally.)

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