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Re: Forwarded from the Vert Paleo list

Now I have a new source for rebuilding my formerly grand paleo reprint library 
(which was reduced to nearly nothing after an unfortunate encounter with an 
unscrupulous landlord back in 2006).


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Subject: Forwarded from the Vert Paleo list
Date: Fri, 18 Jun 2010 13:56:54 -0400

Perhaps of interest to various & sundry here, courtesy of John C. Bruner:

All 47 volumes of the Canadian Journal of Earth Sciences can be downloaded
from their website for free.


Canadian Journal of Earth Sciences
Published since 1963, this monthly journal reports current research in
climate and environmental geoscience; geoarchaeology and forensic
geoscience; geochronology and geochemistry; geophysics; GIS and geomatics;
hydrology; mineralogy and petrology; mining and engineering geology; ore
deposits and economic geology; paleontology, petroleum geology and basin
analysis; physical geography and Quaternary geoscience; planetary
geoscience; sedimentology and stratigraphy; soil sciences; and structural
geology and tectonics. It also publishes special issues that focus on
information and studies about a particular segment of earth sciences.


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