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Re: exopaleontology

The best evidence of carbon-based biotic activity, short of finding the 
organisms themselves, is the presence of bi-atomic oxygen (O2) in the planet's 

Bi-atomic oxygen gives a strong absorbtion spectrum, even from extremely faint 
light sources.  If present, even in small ppm, it should be easily detected in 
the spectrographs of exoplanets.

Such O2 wouldn't be "fossil" oxygen, though.  Since O2 is quickly recycled back 
into the planet's lithosphere, its presence would indicate critters that are 
still living.

If there is O2 trapped as bubble inclusions in the Europan ice crust, it would 
be extremely strong evidence for photosynthetic life occuring either in, or 
just below, its crust.

A Europa orbiter with an O2 "sniffer" might be able to detect this out-gassing. 
 There may not be any need to land on its surface.


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I'm a subscriber to the "Rare Earth" hypothesis.
The only "fossils" I would think one would have a reasonable chance of finding, 
would be "chemical fossils" like the evidence for life on earth 3.8 billion 
years ago.
I wouldn't rule out microbial life, but I don't think you'll be finding fossils 
of multicellular/macroscopic life.

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> > On Sun, 20 Jun 2010, Ian Paulsen wrote:
> > > http://news.yahoo.com/s/space/20100619/sc_space/robotscouldhuntforfossilsoneuropa
> > 
> > I swear I just recently read something about
> possible/potential fossil 
> > sites on Mars...  can't find it now, darn it...
> It seems people will search for fossils just about
> anywhere. I'd draw the line at Uranus though.
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