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Re: The Younger Dryas event that wasn't(?) (another press report)

LOL. They'll be debating that one for awhile! I've seen legitimate theories attacked with as much. But I've never been sold on this one. It is hardly necessary to explain the breaking of the St. Lawrence ice dam, and that's what returned the planet to the ice age, which is sufficient to explain the loss of species across North America.

That ice dam was destined to break eventually.  It was only made of ice!

It could easily be that a meteor impact or major volcanic eruption happened around the same time, without it having had anything to do with the melting of the ice dam or the consequences.

I do think that the meteor that helped end the Cretaceous is on far sounder footing.


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I think that this highlights why interdisciplinary collaboration is becoming more critical in both geology research and paleontology research.

The problems encountered in studying the causes of the Younger Dryas event can also be considered in studies of the K-T Boundary.