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Dinosaur color art books

Over the years I have wanted to do a coffee table style book featuring my 
color art, but the cost versus sales ratio makes this at best difficult if 
going through the traditional publishing system. The web offers an alternative 
method in which the book is produced and mailed only upon demand by a 
purchaser, so I am trying this experiment. Robert Telleria has produced two 
books via Blurb. The contents are similar in that they include the same 
works. They differ in that one is large format and includes both the latest and 
when pertinent the old version of the art, the other is smaller and lower in 
cost, and due to limitations of the system does not include the old 
versions. A number of recent pieces are included. The text, which is specific 
the illustrations, includes some discussion of the science and thinking behind 
each color.  

Deluxe Edition 

Standard Edition