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Re: Publication Validity (was: Re: Cretaceous Wars - The Revenge of the Rat...uh...I mean Mammal)

Jeff Hecht wrote:
> I think the usage comes from how the journals handle the matter.
> Paleontology lists the paper as "Early View (Articles online in advance of
> print)".
> The Elsevier journals on Science Direct call them "Articles in Press" and
> explain "Articles in Press are accepted, peer reviewed articles that are
> not yet assigned to an issue, but are citable using DOI." At least some of
> the journals on Science Direct (e.g., Paleo3) will post accepted
> manuscripts and corrected proofs of the paper before publication.
> It's not an ICZN stranglehold; it's the journal publishers still thinking
> that print is the definitive edition. In the case of accepted manuscripts,
> that may be true, because the editors may question some wording or the
> authors may correct mistakes they catch.

Also, different journals are inconsistent in the style of the pre-print
version. In some it is the "everything but page numbers" version, which I
would agree in principle is the same as "published". But others have
essentially non-final drafts made available in Early View, and these would
definitely be comparable to the traditional "in press" version of
manuscripts as traditionally cited.

I think when the early e-versions become consistent in style that they
would all be considered "published."

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