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2010 scow trip - second try

Sorry! I forgot to change to it plain text earlier. Here it is again:
Hi all! I just wanted to let everyone know that the 100th anniversary 
re-enactment of Barnum Brown floating down the Red Deer River in Alberta 
looking for dinosaurs is about to be underway. The scow is completed, was 
loaded onto the truck and brought down to Drumheller this morning. Tomorrow 
morning we are taking it to Red Deer where we will launch and float down the 
river for 5 weeks. There will be a family day July 24th (or 25th depending on 
the weather) in Drumheller at Newcastle Beach and another on August 7th in 
Dinosaur Provincial Park if anyone is in the area and would like to visit. 
We will be uploading pictures and updating the blog about every otherday 
(depending upon coverage) during the trip. All of the information about the 
trip including construction photos, some bios on participants and background 
information has been uploaded. Make sureyou check it out! : ) 
Patty Ralrick
PhD Student, Biological Sciences
University of Calgary
Calgary, AB, Canada                                       
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