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Re: Phuwiangosaurus pdf requests

Got 'em all!

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From: Zach Armstrong <zach.armstrong64@yahoo.com>
To: DML <dinosaur@usc.edu>
Sent: Mon, June 28, 2010 8:00:52 PM
Subject: Phuwiangosaurus pdf requests

Dear listers,

Again I apologize in advance for posting this to the list, but I was wondering 
if anybody has a copy of these papers on _Phuwiangosaurus_ (as they are quite 
difficult to find access for):

MARTIN, V., BUFFETAUT, E. and SUTEETHORN, V. 1994. A new genus of sauropod 
from the Sao Khua formation (Late Jurassic or early Cretaceous) of 
northeastern Thailand. Comptes Rendus de lâ Academie des Science de 
Paris. 319(2): 1085-1092.

MARTIN, V., BUFFETAUT, E. and SUTEETHORN, V. 1993. Jurassic sauropod 
dinosaurs of Thailand: a preliminary report. In THANASUTIPITAK, T. 
(ed.). Proceedings of the International Symposium on Biostratigraphy of 
mainland Southeast Asia. Chiang Mai University. 2: 415-425.

MARTIN, V., SUTEETHORN, V. and BUFFETAUT, E. 1999. Description of the 
type and referred material of Phuwiangosaurus sirindhornae Martin, 
Buffetaut and Suteethorn, 1994, a sauropod from the Lower Cretaceous of 
Thailand. Oryctos 2: 39-91.

S. Suteethorn, J. Le Loeuff, E. Buffetaut, V. Suteethorn, C. Talubmook & C. 
A new skeleton of Phuwiangosaurus sirindhornae (Dinosauria, 
Sauropoda) from NE Thailand.Geological Society, London, Special 
Publications; 2009;  v. 315; p. 189-215; DOI: 10.1144/SP315.14

I would be most interested in the a last two papers especially, but would 
appreciate any or all of them. Thanks in advance. 

Best regards,