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Re: Dinosaurs and Water

My impression is that the average dinosaur would be markedly less
dependent on lakes and rivers than the average mammal what with
excreting their equivalent of urine as a whitish paste along with
their faeces and an impermeable scaly/feathery skin substantially
decreasing water losses. According to discussions elsewhere with David
Marjanovic (adult?) sauropods would be impervious to drought in the
"lack of water" sense though I'm not so sure in the "lack of food"
That is not to say an animal that had permanent water sources in its
territory wouldn't schedule a daily drink at the local waterhole but
dinosaurs could go farther and wider than mammals from them.

Drinking water could be a thermoregulatory mechanism as wallowing in
it could, but I'm not sure how that jells with the fact that all
dinosaurs had parabronchi which at first blush seem to be a good way
to get rid of excess body heat with their flow-through setup.

My two cents,
Renato Santos