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Re: Asilisaurus kongwe, the Oldest Avian-line Archosaur and the Early Diversification of Ornithodira

"Unless one defines Avian line archosaurs, as archosaurs more closely
related to Birds, than crocodiles."

I guess that's sort of reasonable, but with "line" being so close in
form and meaning to "lineage" - it does still sort of imply that they
are on the same *lineage* as Aves. The wording could be better, but I
suppose if we take "lineage" in the broad sense then it's perfectly

"A clade is an ancestor and all of its descendants, so a clade can
never be ancestral to a taxon -- it can only include (or overlap with)
other taxa."

I'm aware. Forgive me for my hasty typing. ; )

Cool find regardless of any semantic confusion . . .