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Re: Asilisaurus kongwe

On Thu, Mar 4, 2010 at 8:54 AM, Thomas R. Holtz, Jr. <tholtz@umd.edu> wrote:
> Stephen V. Cole wrote:
>> Are they claiming that birds didn't start with Archy, but go all the
>> way back to the Triassic, and hence descended separately from
>> dinosaurs? ÂIs this another Protoavis?
> Absolutely not! They are not claiming anything of that sort.
> The point of the discovery is that this is the oldest known relative of
> Ornithodira (the clade of archosaurs closer to birds than to crocs.)

Isn't Ornithodira usually considered node-based (pterosaurs + dinosaurs)?
This new species is an ornithodiran, but by "avian-line" I believe
they mean "avian total clade" (i.e., "the clade of archosaurs closer
to birds than to crocs").

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