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Re: justification for excluding lagerpetids and/or pterosaurs from a phylogenetic analysis of the Archosauria

> snip

>   As far as the pterosaurs versus dinosaurs and lepidosaurs tug-of-war that 
> one objected-to analysis proposes (Dave's), there is a one-versus-many 
> mentality that seems to be coming forth telling us that the analysis that 
> argues for Ornithodira _sensu_ Gauthier has been criticized by its own 
> formulators, but the pterosaur position does not really falter. Only one 
> paper (Dave's) rejects this, but it does not do it on the objected-to work's 
> merits (by testing their analyses with new data). 

Two: Sobral and Langer 2008. All prior works have ignored the fenestrasaurs. 
Right? That's why they were a novelty in 2000.

Also, please be my guest and list the three genus-based taxa that lead 
progressively closer to pterosaurs within the archosaurs as determined by the 
best study out there. I note that proterochampsids, erythrosuchids and 
proterosuchids keep making these lists, and I hope you can explain how you get 
pterosaurs to emerge from any of these. Also, please list how those are more 
parsimonious versus a Sharovipteryx. Bring it on, Jaime. Here's your chance to 
>   So far, this remains the case for both sides. No one has tested Peters 
> (2000) explicitly (largely on the grounds that peters was preparing a better 
> dataset), and Peters has only objected to other analyses on this list using 
> his hitherto unpresented dataset, so my statement stands.

No one should test my dataset. If they find fault, as Hone & Benton did, then 
we have another sort of problem. They should only test the taxa themselves, 
straight and square, from direct observation, with their own dataset, 
presenting labeled tracings at least as detailed as the best available. That 
hasn't been done in the last ten years. 

All the best.


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