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Re: justification for excluding lagerpetids and/or pterosaurs from a phylogenetic analysis of the Archosauria

 <That would have to involve him doing a phylogenetic analysis of all
 of Diapsida (at the very least). That's a bit much to ask. Jaime
 won't shine anytime soon.>

 Looking at this statement objectively, I would agree:  because I
 won't be performing THIS analysis any time soon, I won't be shining
 in this category any time soon.  But the cynic in me sees this as a
 personal jab, separated by an entire sentence from claiming about my
 performing any analyses (which I have done so); i.e., that I will
 never shine about anything, soon. Which is it?

Of course I mean just this one narrow category. What reason would I have for a personal jab against you?

I offer condolences for your situation. :-S