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re: Chanaresuchus, Tropidosuchus and Lagerpeton query

Great! I don't mind being wrong -- but only for the right reason(s). 

I note that reducing my taxon list to that of Nesbitt et al. (2009, the 
Vancleavea paper, 11 taxa total) placed Chanaresuchus and Tropidosuchus as 
sisters to the dinosaurs listed, Herrerasaurus and Coelophysis. Strange results 
brought on by too few taxa, but then these taxa + Parasuchia have emerged as 
dino outgroups elsewhere (Nesbitt & Norell 2006) lacking an extensive inclusion 

I look forward to seeing your work, William. 400 characters is impressive, but 
obviously only a subset of those will be applicable to the Lagerpeton problem. 
I found pedal characters to be quite diagnostic in these and other taxa. Less 
than a dozen should do. More would be better.

the best, as always,



Such an analysis exists, but is not published yet.  I cannot get into any
more details (including who or when), but it is fairly exhaustive (more
than 70 species level terminal taxa and over 400 characters)and well
resolved, and I can say it does not give the results you are expecting.


Bill Parker