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Re: tiger snake story

John Bois wrote:
Is there any way of telling from fossil skulls whether these snakes had thermal 
sensing abilities?
Even if they didn't, there are nocturnal snakes around today that rely mostly 
on large sensitive
eyes, like the 'night tiger' here in Australia that has done so much damage in 
Guam when it was
accidentally introduced there.

Coincidentally, for tiger snake lovers there was a great story on This
American Life yesterday:


Note that the 'night tiger' is a striped form of the Brown Tree snake (Boiga), a colubrid, rather than the tiger snake Notechis (which is an elapid). The snakes causing a problem in Guam is the Brown Tree snake (although I don't know if the striped form, which occurs in N.W. Australia, is on Guam).

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