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Re: tiger snake story

On Mon, Mar 15th, 2010 at 11:28 AM, Colin McHenry <cmchenry@westserv.net.au> 
> Note that the 'night tiger' is a striped form of the Brown Tree snake
> (Boiga), a colubrid, rather than the tiger snake Notechis (which is
> an 
> elapid). The snakes causing a problem in Guam is the Brown Tree snake
> (although I don't know if the striped form, which occurs in N.W. 
> Australia, is on Guam).

Most of the photos I've seen of Boiga irregularis on Guam (known locally as the 
kulepbla) don't 
appear to be the gorgeously striped variants we have here in Australia. They 
mostly seem to be a 
solid olive-brown colour.


Dann Pigdon
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