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Re: Segregated vs age-mixed sauropod herds

> In any case, IF the interpretation of Auca Mahuevo as an
> annual rookery w/ nests spaced 2-3m is correct, that would
> seem to rule out much in the way of huge mama titanosaurs
> hovering immediately around the nest itself. Unless there is
> really a LOT of squished nests...
> I note that Wikipedia states the Maiasura nests were more
> like 7m apart, and they were smaller than titanosaurs.

"Finally, although nest attendance may be inferred by
phylogenetic bracketing (all living archosaurs attend their nests), the large 
size of adult
titanosaurians and the proximity between egg-clutches suggests little or no 
care, an inference consistent with the absence of evidence of trampling." -- 
from Chiappe,  


Chiappe does not address the case where the nests are in 'patches' w/ an 
effective radius of <1 neck length, which would allow direct tending /w the 
mouth, perhaps even by a single sentry. 

Implied by such close proximity is 'turn-taking' in terms of nest-building, and 
nest locations that are closely defined by the previous nesters. Which in turn 
implies social order, perhaps hierarchy, and keen instinctual awareness and 
avoidance of the nests of others. Quite remarkable, IMO, "nest attendance" or