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Re: Early to Mid Jurassic stories

On Thu, Mar 18, 2010 at 2:06 PM, David Krentz <ddkrentz@charter.net> wrote:

> On the show I'm on we are looking for interesting stories to tell during
> the Early to Mid Jurassic faunas.

Two words:  Jurassic Sex.

1) Ginkgo tree sexuality: Separate male and female ginkgo trees (traditional 
conservative Jurassic family values).

2) Dirty, smelly ginkgo sex along a Jurassic riparian zone. (Smelly nuts are 
not always a bad thing).

3) Asian sex therapists ask: "Can modern ginkos only reproduce with the help of 
human intervention?".  (What Jurassic ginkgos can teach their modern 
descendents; Dr. Ruth explains).

4) Jurassic cycad mating rituals (or lack there-of).  Why cycads reach sexual 
maturity so slowly.

5) Where are the angiosperms?


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