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Re: Nice example of narrow chord pterosaur wing on the 'net

I echo David M. on this one - the photo is not of sufficient quality to make a good judgement. Furthermore, most current debate regarding pterosaur wing shape centers on the issue of wing *attachment* - since the inboard wing cannot be seen (unprepped or simply missing) there is no way to use the specimen in question to address that primary aspect of the debate. It is very nice Pterodactylus, though.



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On Mar 19, 2010, at 7:24 PM, David Marjanovic wrote:


Not sure how it can be interpreted any differently, but please give
it a shot.

Not sure how it can be interpreted at all, blurry as it is. Some moron DESCREENED it -- yes, I am shouting. It makes my eyes hurt; I try to focus, but there is no sharp image to focus on!

So, I can't tell if that's a wing membrane or just the limit of preparation (as it is around the tail).

Most importantly, the part of the wing proximal to the elbow isn't visible.